Gmail redesign is here and it's big

26 April, 2018, 00:33 | Author: Priscilla Morrison
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In addition to the desktop version, Google also updated the Gmail app for Android with snooze functionality. But most importantly, with the new Gmail, you can see and click attachments in your inbox without having to open a thread.

The fresh redesign for Google's Gmail introduces self-destructing messages and a new confidentiality mode for the first time. After clicking on an icon that resembles a clock, you can set the expiration at 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, or-you really want it to expire after such a long time?-5 years. By merely hovering over messages, users will be able to do things such as respond to a meeting invitation or "snoozing" an email for a later time.

Now, Gmail will "nudge" users to respond to messages that its AI deems important and its "Smart Reply" will be brought to the web version, using machine learning tech to suggest three possible responses to emails, based on the conversation.

Google's also rolled out new controls that let you limit what an email recipient can do with your message.

In this new update, the confidential mode allows the sender to remove the option of downloading, copying, printing of e-mails and messages for the receiver. Gmail users will likely greet these changes the same way every update to a popular service is greeted-with a mix of intrigue and skepticism-but the real question is whether or not the privacy and security tools make up for the decision to effectively abandon efforts to make it easier to use end-to-end encryption in Gmail. They just need to go to the Admin Console and allow users to access the new Gmail.

You can download Google Tasks for Android from the Google Play Store. Snooze gives you the ability to clear clutter from your feed, while still addressing the email in the future.

There are plenty of other new features being added to the mix, especially with business in mind.

The new look of Gmail exhibits promising change with better productivity and safety.

"Features like nudge and the new notifications could help people reduce the all-too-common feeling of inbox overload, as it will help them organize and follow up on items that require action", Lepofsky said.

Google announced the changes in a blog posting by Matthew Izatt, Gmail's Product Manager, which he described as 'major improvements'.

Snooze for Gmail works just like it does with Inbox. Other Google apps like Google Calendar, Tasks, and Keep are also easily accessible along the new collapsible side panel on the right.

Users will now be able to make their sent emails disappear form recipients inboxes in predetermined amounts of time, as well as send "confidential" emails whose contents can not forwarded, copied, printed or downloaded.

Want to try some of these new features for yourself?

If you're a G Suite user, ask your domain's administrator to enable the new Gmail from within the G Suite dashboard.



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