Trump Again Threatens Government Shutdown Over Border Wall

31 July, 2018, 23:19 | Author: Donnie King
  • Trump threatens to ‘shut down’ government if Dems don’t support border measures

"Let's hope not." Johnson's utterance follows a flurry of Trump tweets involving Michael Cohen, immigration, and the possibility of a shutdown, per Politico: "I would be willing to "shut down" government if the Democrats do not give us the votes for Border Security, which includes the Wall!"

Specifically, he mentioned moving to an immigration system based on "merit", and praised populist Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, saying the former law professor is in his post nearly entirely because of "illegal immigration". Earlier this year, the White House released a proposal for merit-based immigration, which floundered in Congress amid tepid support from within the president's own party.

Trump has pledged to campaign for Republicans but remains wedded to his plan for a border wall, which Mexico refuses to fund, leaving him to depend on American taxpayers instead.

"We're the laughing stock of the world".

"I just wish Trump would realize, that of all secret weapons of our secret weapons of Donald Trump, if he'd build the wall, the media will go insane, it will distract over everything, and his poll numbers will go through the roof", she said.

The city of Berkeley last December approved an ordinance that would bar it from engaging in any business with companies involved in the border wall's construction. We have to end these terrible catch and release principles where you catch somebody and you take their name and then you release them. Trump also has been advocating a number of changes to immigration laws, including ending the visa lottery program as well as "catch and release" - the practice of releasing from detention immigrants caught entering the country illegally if they agree to court hearings.

Although Trump demanded action on immigration as part of Congress' $1.3 trillion spending package passed in March, he sighed the bill without those measures to avoid a government shut down.

Trump then claimed the United States has the "dumbest" and "worst" immigration laws in the world.

Trump's shutdown warning - which he has made before - escalates the stakes ahead of a September 30 government funding deadline, a political showdown before the November midterm elections that Republican congressional leaders had hoped to avoid.

"We have to end these frightful catch-and-release principles where you catch somebody, you take their name and you release them".

While he spoke specifically about border wall funding on Twitter, Trump on Monday did not take a firm stance on his must-fund priorities.

President Donald Trump says he would have "no problem" with a potential government shutdown, saying at a news conference that "it's time we have border security".

He wrote this morning: 'I would be willing to "shut down" government if the Democrats do not give us the votes for Border Security, which includes the Wall!

Trump's declaration puts him at odds with members of his own party in Congress, where many Republicans are facing tough re-election fights this November.

"Our countries have learned through hard experience that border security is national security, they are one and the same", he said.

"I'm not sure where the president is coming from", said South Dakota Senator John Thune, reports the New York Times.

After illegal border crossings increased this spring, the Trump administration launched a "zero tolerance" initiative that sent parents to courthouses for prosecutions to strip them of their children, who the government placed in shelters. Jonathan White, a public health official and emergency director who leads the effort to return more than 2,500 children to their parents.

A federal judge had ordered the reunions to be completed by Thursday but hundreds of children remain separated.



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