Protests in North Alabama after Jeff Sessions forced to resign

09 November, 2018, 08:47 | Author: Donnie King
  • Article Image Jeff Sessions Resigns as Attorney General

Thousands of protesters packed Times Square on Thursday evening to demonstrate against President Trump firing Attorney General Jeff Sessions - a move they view as a threat to special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into the 2016 Trump presidential campaign.

The president has been upset that Sessions recused himself from the special counsel investigation into whether there was collusion between members of the Trump team and Russian Federation during the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign.

But with Sessions being pushed out yesterday, that oversight now reverts to his replacement, his former chief of staff, and now the acting attorney general, Matthew Whitaker.

Sessions had recused himself from overseeing the investigation and that role had devolved upon the deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein. Mitt Romney, who just won election to the U.S. Senate from Utah, also tweeted that the Mueller probe should be allowed to proceed "to its conclusion unimpeded".

Asked Wednesday if Whitaker would take control of the probe, Justice Department spokeswoman Sarah Flores said Whitaker would be "in charge of all matters under the purview of the Department of Justice".

As Mueller's new boss, Whitaker has significant power to hobble or even halt the investigation that Trump has long called a "witch hunt". Trump had been widely expected to fire Sessions after Tuesday's midterm elections.

Those concerns are now focused on the future of the Mueller probe, which began as a look into alleged links with Russians seeking to disrupt the election and expanded into an investigation of billionaire Trump's murky finances, including his business ties to Russia.

Nadler and other Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee also sent letters to Whitaker and the top Republican on the committee, retiring Rep. Mueller and Trump's lawyers have negotiated for months about a possible interview, with no agreement in sight.

In fact, Whitaker told CNN previous year that a future attorney general could limit Mueller by reducing the budget "so low that his investigations grinds to nearly a halt".

Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal of CT also criticized Whitaker's appointment.

When Sessions recused himself early on from overseeing the investigation, based on contacts with Russian officials during Trump's campaign, the president had pressured him to resign, but Session stuck it out. It culminated in the White House later banning a CNN reporter who questioned the President aggressively on why he insisted on calling a migrant caravan that is hundreds of miles from the USA border an 'invasion'. But a new special counsel was appointed soon after, and the firing of Cox was found by a court to be illegal on November 14, 1973. At this point, the investigation has lasted almost a year and a half.

"We're a co-equal branch in the government, and we have a responsibility to understand what happened in 2016 and to prevent it from ever happening again", King said. The latest indication of the fury came Wednesday when he forced out his attorney general, Jeff Sessions, whose recusal opened the door to Mueller's appointment.

Her words were echoed by Democratic party Senate leader Chuck Schumer, who added: "Clearly, the president has something to hide."



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