A Business Degree and Experience in Casino or Hospitality Work Are Critical to Pursuit of a Managerial Career in a Casino

A Business Degree and Experience in Casino or Hospitality Work Are Critical to Pursuit of a Managerial Career in a Casino

Qualifications for Casino Management

With more states legalizing gambling, there is an increasing need for employees qualified in casino management. But how does one get into a career of running a casino?

Get a Degree

When listing job requirements on a want ad, casinos state they are looking for someone with a college degree to be a manager. The type of degree will be dependent on the type of casino job desired, as casinos need a lot of white collar workers. For those interested in looking at a casino career, degrees in business management are the best option. Some colleges and universities now offer degrees or minors in casino and gaming management as well. Another degree option would be hotel and restaurant management, particularly if one is interested in the hotel side of the casino business.

However, casino management requires some experience, as well as education. Those wanting a career in casino management will need to demonstrate an ability to manage a variety of different departments and have some real work experience in the hospitality industry, whether it be in hotels, restaurant, or retail sales. Casinos are 24/7 facilities, and anyone wishing for a management position needs to have a solid understanding of how that type of business is run. Those who work in a casino at any level are subject to background checks and drug tests. Because the work involves an extremely high level of ethics and honesty, those wishing to work in casino management will need a near spotless history.

What to Expect In the Job

Casino managers can be expected to perform duties similar to managers in other jobs. They are responsible for hiring and firing employees and making sure that the casino operations run smoothly. Most managers will have a specific area of which they’ll be in charge. Departments usually include food and beverages, guest services, and security. Sometimes computer skills are necessary. Shift managers may be required to spend more time walking the floors. The ability to interact with a diverse group of people is a must. The pay will vary depending on the job duties and management level, as well the location of the casino. However, general managers earn near or above $100,000. Salary is negotiable based on experience.